Download video from YouTube in mp3

Online service for converting YouTube videos to mp3 files


The yttrim service lets you download videos from YouTube in mp3 format. Our tool can be used for a lot of tasks: saving your favorite songs, downloading podcasts and streams you want to listen to, and so on. The service has no limitations, so you can convert large videos without any problems

Free and online

You don't need to enter personal information, register, or pay for a subscription to use our tool. The yttrim service is available to all users without any geographical or device restrictions. There are no hidden ads or malware on the yttrim website. Convert any YouTube video to mp3 without any restrictions and without downloading any additional software from the internet

More options

Other modes of working with YouTube videos are also available on our website. You can download the whole video or trim and download a separate part of it in different formats: gif, mp4 and webm. You can read more about these modes on the corresponding pages of our service.

How to make mp3 from YouTube online using the service yttrim (instruction)

  1. The first thing to do is to open the video on YouTube and copy the link using the 'Share' button below the video or from the address bar of your browser.
  2. Open the yttrim site and paste the link to the video into the input box. If you've done it right, the video will appear in the box to the right of the input forms.
  3. Click 'Download,' wait for the result and click 'Link to Video' to download the result. ⚠️ Please note that converting long youtube videos to mp3 may take some time.